Document Management

DocuWare offers comprehensive features for digitising information and business processes. 

It helps you to keep your teams productive, automate your document workflows, and protect your data and documents with secure, centralised archiving.

DocuWare provides cloud document management and workflow automation software that enables you to digitize, secure and work with business documents, then optimize the processes that power the core of your business.

By removing wasted time and uncertainty from your processes, your team is free to focus on the work that drives productivity and profit. DocuWare is perfect for distributed and remote teams that need to operate at full productivity.

Manage what matters in DocuWare, the smartest home for your documents.

Benefits of Document Management


Go PaperLess

Reduce your manual, paper-driven processes and turn them into convenient, digital, user-centric experiences. Through reducing your paper usage, you will cut costs, improve your data security and streamline operations.



Automate common processes – through digitising your document workflows, processes can be automated, helping drive efficiency, remove risk and improve profits.



Embrace the mobile workforce – give your mobile workers the ability to maintain productivity and business continuity anytime, anywhere and on any device.


Move to the Cloud

Shift away from complex on-premise software to secure, integrated and complete subscription-based cloud services for your workflow automation and document management.


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