Accounts payable

Accounts Payable Automation

Nuvem, in partnership with Compleat provide a pay-as-you-go, low cost solution that can completely remove the paper from finance processes and take away manual and repetitive entry of data into Accounts systems.

Accounts Payable

About iCompleat

iCompleat integrates with most well known Accounts software packages, and delivers a high level of automation. At the same time senior management can have real-time visibility of the payments process and expenditure.

iCompleat also includes an ordering module, with tight integration with Amazon for Business, giving a full end-to-end Purchase to Pay solution.

Our solution is designed to be self service, though we have the expertise and skills to implement change management strategies where required to ensure a smooth transition for your Accounts Payable team.

How does it work?

How does AP automation work?

Step 1

Invoice is received by email, directly from the supplier. Alternatively, paper invoices can be batch-scanned and emailed to the company’s e-invoicing address

Step 2

iCompleat’s e-invoicing portal processes and extracts all invoice header and line level information.

Step 3

New suppliers would be automatically onboarded and known suppliers will be automatically coded and sent to the approval workflow set up for the supplier, with zero touch.

Step 4

An approver can view a digital copy of the invoice and approve, deny, query or comment on it instantly and or desktop or mobile.

Step 5

Once the invoice has been approved, the validated transaction is posted into the integrated accounting software and the journal number is retrieved.

Benefits of AP automation

How does AP Automation help my company?

Save Time

No more manual data entry, or repetitive tasks such as coding or matching Invoices with POs

Save Money

Streamline document workflows into one-touch functions via fully customisable colour touch-screens, and automate the processing of large document volumes into a single operation.

Reduce Risk

Automatic fraud checks reduce the chance of fraudulent payments

Reporting & MI

Automatic fraud checks reduce the chance of fraudulent payments

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