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At Nuvem Solutions, through digital transformation, we can help improve healthcare service levels and patient care outcomes.

We understand that managing costs and improving the efficiency of a healthcare environment are of key importance. In challenging times, even the smallest difference can make a big impact on patient care. Whether it’s in the NHS, care homes or private hospitals, we are here to help.

Our partnership with Toshiba enable us to offer an extensive portfolio, providing fast and reliable technology to the pharmaceutical marketplace. Toshiba technology solutions offer benefits specific to a healthcare environment, such as reducing physical interactions, optimising workflows and ensuring data accuracy.


All Nuvem digital healthcare products are designed to

Protect patients

Protect patient records and data

Improve efficiency

Improve efficiency with workflow optimisation and accuracy

Improve processes

Improve internal processes with patient safety as the primary objective

Integrate easily

Integrate quickly and easily into existing systems


Deliver a lower overall ownership cost


Be eco-friendly, flexible, scalable and future-proofed


Print and Scan Workflows:

Optimising document workflows alongside simplifying daily tasks can seem a daunting task in the healthcare environment, but it’s an essential process to improve operational performance.

Managed Print Services, combining multifunction printers (MFPs) and print management software, offer reliable and efficient print, scan and copy functionality while simplifying many common operations.

very much looking forward to transitioning the whole estate to Toshiba MFP’s.”

Digital Healthcare solutions to help you thrive


Be Mobile

The support of cloud and mobile printing makes the integration of document workflows easier than ever.


Improve your productivity

Streamline document workflows into one-touch functions via fully customisable colour touch-screens, and automate the processing of large document volumes into a single operation.


Enhance Security

Data is secured through authenticated access control, self-encrypting secure hard drive ensures unauthorised access is prohibited.

See what our healthcare clients say ….

“Nuvem Solutions have revolutionised our print fleet, it’s a process that has gone from the biggest pain with every new acquisition we make, to the simplest part of the process. Printing used to be the highest ticketed issue on the helpdesk, it is now rare if never raised at all. This partnership has changed our view on printing and what it can be.”

Mason Barendrecht

IT Project and Transition Manager, Ceracare

Document management in healthcare

Healthcare organisations manage an ever-increasing amount of information. Whether data is stored digitally or on paper, the ability to classify, store and share information is crucial to effective document management. Service levels to both patients and staff can be improved as a result of optimising these processes.

Our solutions enables you to quickly and securely manage all of your information through:

  • Intelligent and automatic capture tools for indexing, naming and filing incoming documents.
  • Powerful electronic document management tools to scan, index, view, share and archive your documents securely, locally or in the cloud – reducing search and filing times.
  • Automated workflows to streamline document validation circuits and optimise your business processes.

Also increasing security and providing more control and traceability.


Barcode & Labelling Solutions:

Investing in barcode labelling solutions will make a significant difference to your healthcare operation, not only improving staff and patient safety, but enabling accurate monitoring of patients throughout the healthcare system, reducing physical contact, tracking equipment, samples and medicine and improving overall efficiency.

Portable label solutions

Providing mobile pharmacies with high quality, accurate and mobile printing machines. Improve the patient experience by dispensing medicine at the bedside, taking pressure off the pharmacy and helping free up more beds.

Desktop dispensary printers

Low cost, high performing printers offer peace of mind, with a small footprint and highly accurate printing. Perfect for printing high quality on-demand labels.

Industrial printers

For production/batch label printing requirements, our printers provide high speed, high volume printing with GS1 barcode support.

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