Scan & Capture Solutions

With Toshiba e-BRIDGE Plus technology, you can add new features and enhancements as easily as you would expect from your smartphone.

Productive, intuitive and always up to date, these apps will further improve your document handling.



Umango 20 | Document conversion

Umango 20 is a powerful, easy to configure, document converting and routing solution. It provides the automated conversion, document separation and image filtering of a wide range of file formats into a unified file name and file format without requiring user intervention

Kofax eCopy | Capture and automate workflows

Kofax eCopy enables mobile workforces to capture documents using highly efficient digital processes. Employees can work more collaboratively, both internally and externally, through a single productivity solution. With Kofax eCopy, workflows are automated to drive seamless electronic transactions, eliminate bottlenecks and quickly on-ramp documents digitally.

Drivve | Image | Image capture and routing

Drivve | Image is a feature-rich scanning software that enhances your scan workflows, seamlessly integrating into your information infrastructure. It optimises business processes by intelligent capture, processing and distribution in full security. It’s an electronic file tracking system that provides detailed reporting on access, send and store.

ancoraDocs | Print monitoring and control

ancoraDocs™ is an intelligent document classification and advanced data capture solution. It uses artificial intelligence to identify a document by looking at the attributes of a document, e.g. document size, text layout, logos, tables etc. and the semantic content.

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