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PaperLess for Sage

PaperLess for sage is an innovative solution designed to integrate seamlessly with Sage accounting software, enabling businesses to digitise and streamline their document management processes.


About PaperLess

PaperLess eliminates the need for physical paperwork by converting documents into digital formats, which can then be easily stored, accessed, and managed within the Sage environment. Key benefits include enhanced efficiency, reduced paper-related costs, improved data security, and better compliance with regulatory requirements. By adopting Paperless for Sage, businesses can achieve greater operational agility and contribute to environmental sustainability through reduced paper consumption.

For the PaperLess web page:  Paperless for Sage is a comprehensive solution that integrates with Sage accounting software to help businesses transition to a digital document management system. Here’s how it works and the benefits it offers:

How does it work?

Seamless Integration


Paperless for Sage integrates seamlessly with various Sage products, including Sage 50, Sage 100, and Sage 200. Plug-and-Play: The solution is designed for easy installation and setup, requiring minimal IT intervention. Document Digitization:


Physical documents are scanned and converted into digital formats, which are then automatically indexed and stored. Importing: Electronic documents, such as invoices and receipts, can be imported directly into the Sage system from emails or other digital sources. Storage and Organization:

Centralised Repository

All digitised documents are stored in a centralised, secure digital repository, making them easily accessible. Search and Retrieval: Advanced search capabilities allow users to quickly locate documents using keywords, dates, or other criteria. Automated Workflow:

Approval Processes

Paperless for Sage supports automated workflow processes, such as document approval and routing, reducing manual handling and speeding up operations. Notifications: Automated notifications and reminders ensure that tasks and approvals are completed on time. Integration with Accounting Processes:

Transaction Matching

Digitized documents are linked to corresponding transactions in Sage, ensuring that all relevant documentation is easily accessible from within the accounting software. Audit Trails: Detailed audit trails are maintained for all document-related activities, enhancing accountability and compliance. Benefits: Increased Efficiency:

Time Savings

Automated document handling and retrieval save significant time compared to manual processes. Streamlined Workflows: Integrated workflows reduce the need for manual intervention, speeding up approvals and processing times. Cost Reduction:

Lower Operational Costs

Reducing paper usage and physical storage needs leads to cost savings on supplies and storage space. Reduced Labor Costs: Automation decreases the need for manual data entry and document handling, lowering labor costs. Enhanced Security:

Secure Storage

Digital documents are stored securely, with access controls and encryption to protect sensitive information. Disaster Recovery: Digital storage solutions ensure that documents are backed up and can be easily recovered in case of data loss. Improved Compliance and Audit Readiness:

Regulatory Compliance

Paperless for Sage helps businesses comply with industry regulations by maintaining accurate and accessible records. Audit Trails: Comprehensive audit trails make

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